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EnamineStore is an electronic service for online browsing and shopping for products supplied by Enamine Ltd; it includes reagents for synthesis (Building Blocks) and screening compounds. EnamineStore service expands and complements solutions listed on the official website of Enamine Ltd.

With EnamineStore you can:

  • search and browse screening compounds and building blocks
  • instantly check stock availabilities - updated on a daily basis
  • discover newest stock arrivals that appear online on a daily basis
  • find structures offered for synthesis on-demand within collections of feasible screening compounds and building blocks at fixed price
  • download analytical data for all compounds and certificates of analysis for building blocks
  • select among a variety of packaging and payment options
  • track status of your orders and download supplemental data
  • pay outstanding bills and review payment history

Screening compounds offered through EnamineStore meet strict criteria of purity of over 90% according to NMR and LC/MS. The purity over 95% is standard for building blocks.

Registration is encouraged but not required to find information on EnamineStore. A user record is created automatically when an order is placed online. The generated registration data can also be used to download databases at www.enamine.net

The security of the transferred data is supported by Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL) encryption and verified by security certificate issued by Thawte Consulting Certificate Authority. Encrypted connection can be identified by 'https' prefix in the address bar of your browser; it prevents all the data from being intercepted while transferred between your computer and our website.

Additional information on different features of EnamineStore can be found in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and Video Tutorial

Enamine Ltd offers four types of products through EnamineStore.

  1. Low molecular weight organic compounds for screening available directly from stock - over 3.16 million compounds, divided into three collections (Advanced, Premium and HTS), mostly having molecular weight below 500. Typical stock quantity is between 150 and 350 mg. Compounds have purity higher than 90% according to 1H NMR and LC/MS data. Spectral data provided online may not be those of the batch supplied. Please request spectral data for your sample as required. Volume discounts are applied automatically to all orders for screening compounds.
  2. Reagents for organic synthesis (Building Blocks) available directly from stock - over 330000 compounds. Building blocks are priced according to the established price categories. Typical stock quantity is between 20 and 100 g. The purity is at least 95% according to 1H NMR, LC/MS, water content analysis, and elemental analysis. Spectral data provided online may not be those of the batch supplied. Please request actual spectral data if required. Special discounts may be provided for returning customers.
  3. Screening compounds from REAL DB - feasible compounds, offered for synthesis on-demand. Typical lead time is 4-6 weeks, estimated delivery date will be provided to you by our sales manager. Quoted price per item is not subject to change. However, overall order cost will decrease if syntheses of certain ordered compounds fail. Compounds are synthesized in-house via approx. 40 protocols validated for parallel synthesis from stock reagents. Standard QC procedure and packaging options are the same as for screening compounds supplied from stock.
  4. UORSY & FCH Group Building blocks - feasible reactive intermediates, offered for synthesis on-demand in collaboration with UkrOrgSyntez Ltd (UORSY) and FCH Group. Typical lead time is 4 weeks, estimated delivery date will be provided to you by our sales manager. Quoted price per item is not subject to change. However, overall order cost will decrease if syntheses of certain ordered compounds fail. Compounds are synthesized by experienced chemists using hundreds of validated reactions from immediately available reagents. Standard QC procedure and packaging options are the same as for building blocks supplied from stock.

Items available in stock are usually delivered via FedEX or DHL within 7 business days from the order date. Please keep in mind that the delivery of large sets of screening compound may take over 10 business days depending on the number of ordered compounds. Selected 1 g batches of building blocks are available for rush delivery (usually 2 business days) in North America, EU countries, China and Japan.

By default, screening compounds are formatted in 4 ml screw cap amber glass vials labeled with a barcode and a compound ID. It is possible to change formatting to Matrix 96-well microtube plates from the shopping cart by using "Group update" option. Different formatting options for screening compounds are not supported within the same order. Custom formatting options can be requested at the checkout stage using "Order comments" form (additional charges may apply). Building blocks are provided in glass vials sealed with ParafilmTM sealing tape. Packaging is performed under inert gas atmosphere. All items are packaged in cardboard boxes lined with foam-rubber for shipping.

Shipping and handling charges added to the order are indicated at the checkout stage. The amount of these charges depends on the shipping destination.
A returning customer may specify own delivery account number with particular courier service company in Profile - it may be enabled later at checkout.

The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches the destination country. For all orders, the client is fully responsible for paying any taxes, customs duties, and/or associated charges for customs clearance. The client takes full responsibility to comply with local rules and regulations applicable to ordered chemicals, including but not limited to safe and environmentally friendly handling and disposal.

Enamine Ltd supplies chemicals on credit allowing customers to check proper packaging condition and quality of chemicals before making payment. If we are unable to dispatch one or more compound(s) we will notify you and costs of cancelled item(s) will be deducted from the order total.

We accept payment by credit card, wire transfer or cashier's check (specific payment methods may be unavailable in your region). Please select appropriate payment option during check out. Please refrain from disclosing your credit card information through "Order comments" form as it may reduce security of your purchase. Your credit card will not be charged until ordered compounds with verified QC data are shipped to you.

If your preferred payment option is not credit card, please make sure that you have a valid purchase order issued and enter its number at the check-out stage. Otherwise processing of your order may be delayed. Please do not draw a check or send funds via wire transfer until shipping of all items in your order is confirmed by our sales manager. We require that payment is made within 45 days from the date your order is dispatched.

EnamineStore also provides functionality to pay any invoice issued by Enamine with your credit card. In Billing section you will be prompted for invoice number(s) and optional shipment tracking numbers.

We never keep credit card numbers used for purchase; this information is transferred directly to the processing agency and cannot be accessed by Enamine Ltd.

Registration is not required to search the catalog, browse through results, check compound details, and export structural data. However, it is recommended to register and authorize while visiting www.enaminestore.com and www.enamine.net, as authorization enables saving your custom sets of compounds and provides access to libraries for off-line use provided through enamine.net. For order processing we need some information about our clients. Therefore non-authorized users (Guest users) will be automatically prompted to register during check-out.

If you have forgotten your login or password, you can use an easy password resetting procedure to retrieve login and a new password to your email address given in the process of registration. You can always change your personal data in the Profile section.

While registering a new user we assume that the given email may be used as a primary electronic address. Consequently we do not register any user with the same email. If you do not remember your registration information, please reset it using Password Reset option. Upon resetting password, a message with your login and new password will be sent to your email.

Please contact us immediately if you can not register or retrieve your login/password.

Enamine Ltd guarantees that no personal user data will be transferred to a third party under any reasonable circumstances. We reserve the right to use collected user data anonymously for internal statistical market research.

Q: I can not register after filiing in the form. Is something wrong with my registration data?
A: If you are unable to complete your registration, there could be several reasons. You should be able to see the field with a value which fails the validation highlighted in red and followed by a hint on what can be done to correct the failing value. Most common causes of denied registration are:

  • invalid email address, possibly having leading or trailing space character, semicolon or some other invalid symbol / double-check your email
  • inaccessible email address (under certain rare conditions it is possible that your valid email address can not be accessed for mail delivery from our server at the time of registration) / make sure that you can receive email messages from some sender in enamine.net domain; it may be necessary to contact your system administrator
  • mismatched field type, i.e. street address entered in the phone number field.

Q: I forgot my password. What should I do?
A: Please use our password reset option. You will need to enter your email in the provided form and your current login along with the new password will be emailed to you. You can change your password from your profile once logged in.

Q: Is it possible to search database by chemical structure?
A: Yes. You can enter exact chemical structure, substructure, or similar structure either in the search form by drawing desired structure or fragment by entering molecule (or fragment) in SMILES notation. You can paste chemical structures in various formats using Marvin for Java structure editor (requires Java support).

Q: Can I use several search parameters simultaneously?
A: Yes, values from all filled fields are added together with logical AND at the time of search execution. You can narrow your search using 'Refine search' feature. In this case your search options will be added to the criteria used for your previous search.

Q: Where can I see compound's properties?
A: Click on a structure or use 'Details' link in the catalog.

Q: I want to order equal amounts of all selected compounds; is there an easy way to do it?
A: Go to the 'Cart' tab and use 'Group update' option. Keep in mind that Building Blocks can only be ordered in pre-defined standard batches through EnamineStore. You cannot set order quantity above the available stock quantity for a given item.

Q: Can I define another contact person for compounds delivery?
A: Yes, you will be prompted to do so at check-out.

Q: What if I need a separate bill to be delivered to another person?
A: You can specify billing address different from your shipping address during check-out. Additional billing address must be approved by your bank if you intend to pay with a credit card. Otherwise processing of your card payment may fail.

Q: Are there any options for a compound return?
A: You can arrange return with our sales managers if compound packaging is damaged or if compound purity is compromised. Please do not ship compound back without contacting our managers. You may be subject to shipping fee for an unreasonable compound return.

Q: Can I save a list of compounds which I have ordered?
A: Yes, you can download set of compounds from your order as SDF or save the receipt of your order with a full list of compounds as PDF file.

Q: I have an unknown error at checkout. Can I proceed somehow?
A: Please make sure that you are authorized if you have registered before. You can use password retrieval if you have forgotten your login and password and not sure if you were registered at all. If you are paying with credit card, make sure that the number is correct and that given billing address is approved by your bank. You can always return to the previous step at check-out and change your payment method if your card can not be processed for some reason. If it is mandatory to pay using the credit card it can be arranged with our sales managers when the order is placed.

Q: I need additional data for ordered compounds due to customs requirements/corporate system registration rules/etc. Will you provide these data and how can I receive them?
A: Please specify additional requirements to supplemental data in Order Comments form and we will do our best to provide required information to you. You can download data files from your order details available from the 'Orders' tab.

Q: Are there any discounts?
A: Volume discounts are in effect for screening compounds, i.e. the more items you buy, the lower the price per item is.

Q: Can I save my selection of compounds to work with them later on?
A: Yes. Compounds picked to your cart are automatically stored for 48 hours with selected quantities and displayed prices. Also you can save the list of compounds in the catalog using 'Store set' function. There is no time limit for storing the user list. Compounds can be displayed at any time using 'Load set' function.

Q: I have found a number of compounds which I would like to acquire; can I put all of them in cart at once?
A: Yes, if you have an account at EnamineStore. Once you authorize yourself, an option 'All to cart' will appear in catalog allowing you to add to cart entire set of compounds found during your last search.

Q: I would like to find compounds similar to my reference molecule in your catalog... how can I do that?
A: Draw or copy-and-paste your reference structure in the window of Marvin chemical editor. Select 'Similarity' from the 'Choose search type' pull-down menu and adjust desired similarity threshold with the slider (fraction value on the scale between 0 and 1, where 0 is absence of similar features and 1 is the set of identical features). The similarity threshold is the minimum allowed Tanimoto coefficient between your reference structure and structure from Enamine catalog.

Q: Can I pay with credit card for order placed via email/fax/phone earlier? Do I need to register for that?
A: You can pay online any invoice issued to you by Enamine, no matter how you placed an order. You are encouraged to provide valid invoice number(s) to facilitate processing of your payment. You do not need registration for that, however history of on-line payments is available only for authorized users.

Q: How can I request expedited delivery for a building block?
A: Certain building blocks are available for "rush" delivery as pre-packed batches within North America, EU countries and Japan. Size and quantity of different batches is displayed in the catalog view. The ordered amount for the selected building block has to match exactly the size of the batch at the corresponding regional stock. The order eligible for expedited delivery must contain only items available from the stock matching the delivery region specified by the buyer. "Rush" delivery may be enabled at the final checkout step if both conditions are met.