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Enamine REAL compounds

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These molecules belong to the REAL compounds (readily accessible). The REAL compounds are synthesized on demand from qualified in-stock building blocks utilizing validated one-pot synthetic procedures.

We synthesize REAL compounds with high success rate (>85%) within 3-4 weeks.*


The price for the REAL compounds is fixed. The price depends on the type of synthetic procedures (standard or advanced), number of compounds, and quantity requested.

The reference prices for a set of 1-10 compounds are given below:

  1. Standard synthetic procedures, $138/1 mg/compound
  2. Advanced synthetic procedures, $207/1 mg/compound

For more information on pricing and for placing your order, please send a list of compounds of interest to info@enaminestore.com

* for a set of <100 molecules. Lead time depends on the number of compounds in the order.