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The comprehensive Drug Collection - CLOUD

Unique collection of FDA-approved drugs that covers all biochemical space of synthetic terapeutic agents.

Search for a suitable collection of approved drugs that covers all drug classes is always a challenging task. To date no commercially available compound collection covered all drug classes.

In collaboration with a group of researchers at CeMM, we collected a condensed screening set of 281 small molecules representing the entire target and chemical space of all FDA-approved drugs.

Database of all to date approved drugs was evaluated by therapeutic application and chemical structure. After careful analysis we found that compounds belonging to the same class are often structurally very similar and can be clustered to significantly reduce the number of compounds in the library. Dedicated computational analysis and extensive literature search resulted in generation of the CeMM Library of Unique Drugs (CLOUD).

CLOUD covers prodrugs and active forms at pharmacologically relevant concentrations and is ideally suited for combinatorial studies.

pulmonary arterial hypertension
prodrug, an antiplatelet agent

metabolite of Cisapride, parasympathomimetic
prototype anti-malarial drug

The recent publication [1] provides evidence of successful drug repurposing by pairwise compound screening from CLOUD collection in cancer cell viability assay. The findings highlight that refined chemical library CLOUD is a powerful tool for drug repurposing and evaluation of new substances suitable for all high-content and high- throughput assays.

The main features of CLOUD collection, 281 compounds:

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[1] Nature Chemical Biology 13, 771–778 (2017).