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EnamineStore.com: A Process Of Constant Improvement

EnamineStore.com, an e-commerce arm of Enamine company, offers a suitable way of searching, quoting and ordering millions of chemical compounds online. The website has been serving online customers for more than four years and over this time it has grown into a well-recognized and respected web-resource for drug discovery professionals across the world.

At EnamineStore, we are constantly pursuing the goal of improving a user experience, introducing new features and tools, expanding the product offering and making shopping with us a suitable and efficient process.

An option to instantly generate an online quote for building blocks or screening compounds, a service for requesting analogues to any compound of interest, a selected products directory, a document support tool and a more functional website design - these are just a few examples of the improvements to our online shop made in 2016.

In addition, a corporate blog has been launched to inform our customers about new products, services and tools. For instance, you can review Enamine Building Blocks Digest to follow our monthly compound updates in a suitable online format.  

However, there is always room for improvement.

Until recently, all the orders placed via our online shop were processed by sales managers using the in-house built systems - customer relations management software (CRM) and enterprise resource planning software (ERP). Once the product was placed, it used to take some time for a manager to authorize the order and process delivery of the product to you, which could have caused certain delays.

Not anymore.

We have just introduced an automatic order processing workflow. It means, that all the orders placed online, will be automatically processed by the computer system and the compounds will be assigned for shipment to your address almost immediately. It will substantially decrease the time of delivery, at least, what depends on our operations.

Please, provide your feedback on your experience with our online shop: support@enaminestore.com