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Enamine Building Blocks Go Mobile

News      by Andrii Buvailo  

It is our pleasure to announce that EnamineStore website is now available on mobile devices. Realizing the growing trend for mobile internet and mobile commerce, we have developed EnamineStore Mobile to keep pace with new realities, making shopping experience for our customers even more comfortable. 

The website is available on https://www.enaminestore.com/mobile. Currently, it is operating in beta version, which means we will be glad to receive your valuable feedback and suggestions about how we can make it better for you. 

Building Block Sets

With what we have now, EnamineStore Mobile provides access to selected sets of building blocks, carefully suggested by our chemists using maximum compounds diversity and novelty as guiding principles of choice. 

Compound Libraries

Also, we have included specialized compound libraries designed by Enamine chemists. This section includes fragment libraries developed to meet a wide range of FBDD research needs. They are selected from our 50 000+ stock of quality fragments. 

A variety of targeted libraries with improved hit rates of biological screening has also been included into EnamineStore Mobile and this section will be updated constantly with new libraries. 

Mobile Commerce

Currently, our mobile store is supporting a limited e-commerce functionality, while we have wide plans as to expanding features and tools.  Currently, you can already add compounds to cart and send information about your orders to email for further order completion. All the login data and order information is automatically synchronized with the main Enaminestore shop, so you can browse and add compounds to the cart while driving a car or anywhere outside a lab and later - complete orders using your desktop computer.