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Payment options

Enamine Ltd supplies chemicals on credit allowing customers to check proper packaging condition and quality of chemicals before making payment. If we are unable to dispatch one or more compound(s) we will notify you and costs of cancelled item(s) will be deducted from the order total.

We accept payment by bank card, wire transfer or cashier's check (specific payment methods may be unavailable in your region). Please select appropriate payment option during the checkout. Please refrain from disclosing your bank card information through "Order comments" form as it may reduce security of your purchase. Your bank card will not be charged until ordered compounds with verified QC data are shipped to you.

If your preferred payment option is not bank card, please make sure that you have a valid purchase order issued and enter its number at the checkout stage. Otherwise processing of your order may be delayed. Please do not draw a check or send funds via wire transfer until shipping of all items in your order is confirmed by our sales manager.

We require that payment is made within 45 days from the date your order is dispatched.

EnamineStore also provides functionality to pay any invoice issued by Enamine with your bank card. In Billing section you will be prompted for invoice number and optional shipment tracking numbers.

We never keep bank card numbers used for purchase; this information is transferred directly to the processing agency and cannot be accessed by Enamine Ltd.

Please, review our Terms and Conditions for more information.