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Memantine hydrochloride

Abixa, Akatinol, Axura, Memox

Technical Data

Chemical name:Memantine hydrochloride
Molecular weight:215.8
CAS number:41100-52-1

Cat. No. BRC0032



1.0 mg $ 82.0
2.0 mg $ 84.0
5.0 mg $ 89.0
10.0 mg $ 116.0
20.0 mg $ 139.0
25.0 mg $ 151.0

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Biological activity

It belongs to next groups of Bioreference compounds:
Therapeutic areas:

CNS Agents    Antiparkinson   


G-Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs)    Dopamine receptor    5-hydroxytryptamine receptor (5-HT receptor) inhibitors    Glutamate receptor    Ion Channels    Ligand-gated ion channels    Transporters    Ion Pumps   


Memantine exerts its action through uncompetitive NMDA receptor antagonism, binding preferentially to the NMDA receptor-operated cation channels. Memantine also has antagonistic activity at the type 3 serotonergic (5-HT3) receptor with a potency that is similar to that at the NMDA receptor, and lower antagonistic activity at the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. This drug has no affinity for γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), benzodiazepine, dopamine, adrenergic, histamine, or glycine receptors or for voltage-dependent calcium, sodium, or potassium channels.

Targets:Glutamate receptor ionotropic, NMDA 3A, Glutamate receptor ionotropic, NMDA 2A, Glutamate receptor ionotropic, NMDA 2B, 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 3A, Alpha-7 nicotinic cholinergic receptor subunit, D(2) dopamine receptor, Glutamate receptor ionotropic, NMDA 1
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